2020 Commercial 145W145 Commercial Street.

Artemas Paine (1815-1883) was a first cousin of the brothers Joshua Paine and Capt. Lysander N. Paine, whose own wharf — J. & L. N. Paine’s — stretched into the harbor from 105 Commercial Street. In his three-part Advocate series on the wharves of Provincetown in October 1941, Irving S. Rogers said this structure was 500 feet long and used for unloading, packing, and shipping fish.¹ It appeared in an 1880 atlas, from which these images were taken, but had disappeared by 1910, leaving only a short stub at the end of the Paines’ fish house.

2020 Commercial 145WThis detail is taken from the Atlas of Barnstable County (1880), as is the thumbnail, but it’s been rotated, the crop has been widened to show more context, and the colors have been given greater contrast for clarity. Courtesy of Ken Janson and Robert Vetrick.

¶ Last updated on 9 April 2019.

145 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

Also at 145-147 Commercial Street:

Tom Sharp Designs| Sixty Special Home Store | Fisherman’s Cove Condominium (Units M1C-M3C, M1R-M3R).

Fisherman’s Cove Condominium (Units B1-B4).

Former Fishermen’s Cove Restaurant | Fisherman’s Cove Condominium (Unit B5).

Cart road | Town landing.

Pop + Dutch | Fisherman’s Cove Condominium (Unit C1).

Fisherman’s Cove Condominium (Units L1-L12).

Thumbnail image: From the Atlas of Barnstable County (1880), courtesy of Ken Janson and Robert Vetrick.

For further reading online

• Artemas Paine (1815-1883)

Find a Grave Memorial No. 120965373.

¹ “Puffs and Pot Shots,” by Irving S. Rogers, The Provincetown Advocate, 9 October 1941, Page 2.



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