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A sober, Federal-style house with a hipped roof, 110 Commercial Street is dated to 1840 by the Provincetown Historic Survey, though it’s tempting to think it’s older. It was sold in 1883 by Dennis and Margaret Scannell to one Jeremiah Quan. Now, there’s a name to contemplate in the context of Provincetown’s paucity of Asian citizens. Could this have been “Quan” as in “關” — a not uncommon Chinese name? If so, Jeremiah Quan might have been among the very first Asian property owners in town. And he stayed a while — the property was in the hands of the Quan family until 1904, when it was sold by an heir to Jessie Costa, for $500. During its half-century in the hands of the Costa family, No. 110 was home to Manuel Jason (1866-1946) and Mary Almeida (White) Jason (1873-1946). She was born in São Miguel, in the Azores, but had arrived in the States in time for her first birthday. She died 10 months after her husband. Arthur F. Madeiros (1910-1983) and his wife, Lucille E. (Bent) Medeiros (1921-1980) bought the property in 1954, for $7,500. As superintendent of the Provincetown Water Department, Medeiros had to navigate a prolonged dry spell in the mid-1960s, reminding residents constantly that they could not sprinkle their lawns except for four or five hours a day. He was probably more popular as a saxophonist, appearing at Louie’s in North Truro, with the Provincetown Band, and as one-third of the Nellie Perry Trio.

In 2010, Jeff Fresenius and John J. Dougherty bought the property for $975,000, according to town records. They are the proprietors and co-founders (in 2007) of Wildflower of Provincetown — a full-service florist with many other offerings besides, including home accessories and décor, furniture, artwork, and gifts. The business has outposts in the West End, at 152A Commercial Street, and in the East End, at 361 Commercial Street. Fresenius and Dougherty are also agents for Robert Paul Properties. They undertook a substantial renovation of 110 Commercial Street in 2011, including an extension of the deck.

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For further reading online

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Provincetown Historic District Commission, Minutes, 16 March 2011.

Grave sites in Provincetown

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