2020 Commercial 139 Building 2Building 2.

When Jay C. Anderson of Los Angeles bought the Carreiro property at 139 Commercial Street in 2000, there were two small sheds — or cottages — behind the main house. In 2003, the Zoning Board of Appeals approved Anderson’s plan to “join two existing cottages to create one single-family structure,” despite the fact that the plan increased the degree to which the structure did not conform to current zoning rules. The architects of this project, as at the main house, were Krueger Associates of Cambridge.

2020 Commercial 139 Building 2The north shed — or cottage — closest to the main house, along the east property line at 139 Commercial Street. Shown in 2004. From the Provincetown Historic Survey archive.

2020 Commercial 139 Building 2The south shed in 2004, before the two structures were reconstructed as a single building. From the Provincetown Historic Survey archive.

2020 Commercial 139 Building 2The first of two beach houses constructed at 139 Commercial Street, in the left foreground. The main house is in the left background. David W. Dunlap (2018).

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139 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

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Thumbnail image: Photo, 2011, by David W. Dunlap.


One thought on “139 Commercial Street

  1. This man is incredible. Jay’s vision of contemporary classic, complete with sleek lines, simple yet elegant cabinetry, and high end modern furniture is everything he turned me into.

    It’s what he does. He takes something, makes it it’s most beautiful celebrating all aspects.
    What he’s done to buildings all across the country he’s done the same with peoples lives.

    My only regret is that we didn’t buy the Colorado ranch.
    My god! I dream of it still.

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