Central 15


The Perry-Travers household occupied this home for decades; the central figure having been Almena (Perry) Travers (1910-1988), who was the daughter of Antone and Mary Eva Perry; the wife of Joseph Robello Travers (±1910-1958), a fish handler; and the mother of Anthony V. Travers (1931-1994), a star basketball player for the Provincetown Hoboes in his youth. Mrs. Travers worked in the “snippers” section of the Atlantic Coast Fisheries Company plant at 125 Commercial Street, cleaning fish of their fins. In later years, she was a chambermaid at the Holiday Inn, 698 Commercial Street. The property was purchased jointly in 2000 by Nancy C. Whiteside and Jennifer B. Pinck, the founder and president of the Pinck & Company construction firm of Boston. In 2002, they replaced the front deck of this mid-19th-century house with a covered porch and rail, to designs by Neil Kimball. Pinck sold her interest in the property to Whiteside in 2007.

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