Center 17



A little cottage colony grew up around 17 Center Street in the early 20th century. Bernard J. Mackey and William J. Turnier of Greenbelt, Md., bought the property in 1977 from Eugenia R. Rogers, and ran it as the Chancellor Inn through 1999, when Mackey died, at the age of 63. Curtis E. Tanner and Jay C. Anderson owned the inn for a year before selling it to Paul Gumbleton in 2001, who ran it for the following 15 years as the Center Street Inn. It was acquired and renamed in 2016 by Robert C. Anderson and Loïc Rossignon, co-founders of the Canteen restaurant, principally to house around 14 seasonal workers, according to Anderson’s application to the Licensing Board. The cottages shown are each just over 200 square feet; reminders of the modest scale at which the town once lived.

¶ Last updated on 20 March 2018.

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