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Walter Gardner Cashman (1890-1938).

A wood craftsman and cabinet maker, “Cash” Cashman was known for the “beautiful paneling and furniture” at the Church of St. Mary of the Harbor, as well as the original memorial cross in its yard to the men of the submarine S-4. (It has since been replaced.) “At his little shop the ‘Glory Hole’ he created carefully-wrought chests, lamps, and other articles of wood, as well as restoring fine old Cape antiques,” The Advocate said in reporting his death, which it ascribed to an overdose of sleeping powder after years of depression, dejection, and anxiety. “It is thought that he decided Sunday to ‘sleep it out,'” the newspaper said. His marker is covered in lichen.

¶ Last updated on 12 June 2017.

Provincetown’s Historic Cemeteries and Memorials, Key N-60, Page 16.

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