Cemetery 24 Silva


Capt. Antone J. Silva (1869-1911).

Lewie Warren was a sloop, a one-masted vessel of 17 tons. Forty-four feet long and 15 feet broad, she was built in Gloucester in 1903 for Capt. Antone J. Silva and Jack Davis, who named her in honor of their sons, Lewie (Silva) and Warren (Davis). Captain Silva was the son of immigrants from the island of Pico in the Azores. During a swordfishing trip on 26 July 1911, a heavy gale upset Lewie Warren, apparently shifting ice in the hold so that the boat capsized. Captain Silva, 44, perished, as did the four other members of the crew: Nathaniel T. Burch, 53; Antone Francis Jr., 40; Albert S. Mayo, 40; and Thomas J. O’Donnell, 26. The captain’s wife, Mary L. Silva, survived him by two dozen years.

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