Cemetery 24 Sinaiko Arlie PHC&M 69


Avrom “Arlie” Sinaiko (1902-1984) and Suzanne Sinaiko (1918-1998).

Just after Arlie Sinaiko’s Flight, which is in the collection of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, his best-known sculpture may be the one marking his final resting place. The abstract work in red granite ranks with Nanno de Groot’s gravestone among the most distinctive in Town Cemetery. (It is worth noting that what looks like vandals’ damage to the larger of the two lobes is, in fact, part of the artistic composition.) Sinaiko was born in Czarist Russia, attended the Art Institute and the Art Students League, and studied under Alexander Archipenko, Minna Harkavy and Ibram Lassaw. Suzanne Sinaiko was also an artist. But she is best known in town as the namesake of Suzanne’s Garden, now public. It was for many years owned privately by the Sinaikos, though the public was welcome. Some of its landscaping features reminded Suzanne of her native Belgium.

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