Cemetery 25 Dunham John PHC&M 25


John Thomas Dunham (1815-1882) | Gifford.

The Dunham family plot holds many stories of sorrows inflicted by the sea. John T. Dunham, the keeper of Long Point Light from 1870 to 1882, had lost his leg in a whaling accident. John’s sons Edwin W. Dunham (1850-1867) and Austin R. Dunham (1857-1883) were lost at sea, as was his grandson Capt. George Lavender Dunham (1877-1919). His daughter Abbie F. Dunham (1853-1881) died when she was 27. [Lot No. 181.]

¶ Last updated on 22 January 2018.

Provincetown’s Historic Cemeteries and Memorials, Key G-25, Page 8.

Find a Grave Memorials Nos. 119269151 (John), 119269373 (Edwin), and 119269298 (Austin).

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