Cemetery 25 Memorial to the Fallen


Memorial to the Fallen in the Great Rebellion | Gifford.

When President Trump praised the “beautiful statues and monuments” of the Confederacy in 2017, it seemed as if a once-bright line had been completely muddied, at least in his mind. However, the inscription on this imposing monument — with the instruments of battle in high relief — leaves no question where Provincetown stood on the matter in 1867. The Civil War was called the “Great Rebellion,” meaning that Confederates were not heroes but traitors, and that the only legitimate government for which lives were sacrificed was that of the United States.

Those from Provincetown who died for the Union were: Jeremiah Bennett (Army), William H. Chipman (Navy), George E. Crocker (Army), Asa A. Franzen (Navy), Josiah Cutter Freeman (Navy), Thomas J. Gibbons (Army), Solomon R. Higgins (Army), John W. Hobbins (Army), Joseph King (Army), George Lockwood (Army), John C. Lurten (Army), Samuel T. Paine (Navy), John W. Small (Navy), Taylor Small Jr. (Army), Elkanah Smith (Army), Henry A. Smith (Army), John R. Smith (Army), William E. Tupper (Navy). [Lots Nos. 139, 140, 149, and 150.]

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