Cemetery 25 Soper Samuel Perspective Corrected


Capt. Samuel Thomas Soper (1823-1898) | Hamilton.

West Enders certainly know the name Soper. This seafaring family produced Captain Soper, who commanded the 130-ton whaling schooner S. R. Soper, which joined the Provincetown fleet in 1852. The next year, about 275 miles off the coast of Georgia, Captain Soper and his first mate, Samuel Ghen, each commanded whaleboats that were separated from Soper while pursuing a pod. The captain’s boat regained the schooner in 12 hours, but Ghen and his men were stranded six days and near death by the time they made Cape Fear and safety. All the same, Soper and Soper returned to Provincetown with 250 barrels of oil. [Lot No. 72.]

¶ Last updated on 5 March 2018.

Provincetown’s Historic Cemeteries and Memorials, Key H-41, Page 10.

Find a Grave Memorial No. 51306035.

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