Cemetery 25 Sparks Benjamin PHC&M 43


Capt. Benjamin F. Sparks (1850-1916) | Hamilton.

Maryland, a 335-foot-long steamship, departed Philadelphia two days before Christmas 1916, bound for wartime London with canned vegetables, syrup, lubricating oil, pipe, and iron. Third in command was Captain Sparks, a well-experienced member of a seafaring family. His father was Capt. Harvey Sparks (1817-1886). On Christmas Day, Maryland sent a wireless distress message from 39° N 67° W — about 380 miles east of Sandy Hook Light — stating that her engine room was flooding rapidly. The Coast Guard cutters Acushnet and Gresham went to her aid, but found nothing at the coordinates. By March 1917, the company that owned Maryland, Crew-Levick of Philadelphia, was returning letters sent to the 35 crew members from relatives. Whether by U-boat, mine, or some onboard disaster, Maryland — and Captain Sparks — were gone. [Lot No. 88.]

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Provincetown’s Historic Cemeteries and Memorials, Key H-43, Page 10.

Find a Grave Memorial No. 83825248.

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