Cemetery 25 Sparrow Mary


Mary Evelyn (Williams) Sparrow (1862-1961) | Gifford.

Even if you came of age before Google, you may not recall how difficult it used to be to research historical questions. The work was arduous, expensive (frequently requiring trips to county seats or state capitals or distant libraries and institutions), time consuming, and often fruitless. So when Mrs. Sparrow, Grace Hall, and Gertrude (Snow) DeWager (1871-1948) adopted the name of Research Club for their new historical organization in 1910, they might as well have called it the Explorers Club. The greatest legacy of the Research Club was the collection of artifacts that is now housed up at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum. Mrs. Sparrow was remembered in her own time, The Advocate said, as standing out “among her fellow townswomen as a cultured lady of the old school, a true artistocrat of the spirit, ever given to all good works.” She shares with her husband, Capt. William Chester Sparrow (1858-1932), two of the more unusual headstones in Gifford Cemetery. [Lot No. 174.]

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