Cemetery 25 Sparks ThomasCapt. Thomas Sparks (1804-1895) | Hamilton.

Who to pity more? This son of Capt. James Sparks (1771-1849), who was four times widowed? Or his wives, each and every one of whom died? They are all named on the tombstone: Hannah (Young) Sparks, who died in 1833, five years after they’d wed; Annie (Atwood) Sparks, whose marriage to Thomas lasted only a year, until her death in 1836; Lurania (Gross) Sparks, whom he married in 1839 and who lasted until 1862; and Lydia (Goodspeed) Nickerson. They wed in 1863 and she hung in there for 27 years, but she still succumbed before he did. [Lot No. 59.]

¶ Last updated on 7 March 2018.

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