2020 Commercial 043


Dr. Don’s Landing Condominium | Unit D.

This was the home in the early 1980s of David E. Rodale (1955-1985), a playwright and theater manager who was descended from the family behind the Rodale media company of Emmaus, Pa. After his death from AIDS-related pneumonia at the age of 30, his mother, Ardath Harter Rodale, became an AIDS activist. She later headed Rodale, as chairwoman and chief executive officer.

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One thought on “43 Commercial Street

  1. This home and cottages, before it was divided into condos, belonged to the Campbell family as far back, in my memory, as the 1950’s. Robert Campbell was partners with Donald Witherstine, who lived two doors down at 47 Commercial Street. They owned the art gallery Shore Studios together with locations in Boston and Provincetown. Grace and Robert Campbell had 4 children, Roy, Judy, Linda and Susan. Judy married Ray Smeraldo and they opened a restaurant called the Colonial Inn in the East End on Commercial Street probably in the 1970’s, which was later a renowned bar/restaurant called Rosy, (whose proprietors were Francis Iacono and Fred Hemley, the same duo who now have 9 Ryder) and is where the Watermark Inn is now. Fred Hemley is Donald Witherstine’s grandson. The Campbells sold 43 Commercial Street to Will and Roda Rossmoore. I believe Dr. Don Butterfield bought it from the Rossmoore’s and split the property into condos.

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