2020 Commercial 043


Dr. Don’s Landing Condominium | Units A and B.

“Dr. Don” is Donald E. Butterfield, a retired M.D., who created this condominium regime in 1991. He owns Unit B in the main house. The building once stood at the center of the Long Point settlement, where it was built around 1840 for the whaling captain John C. Weeks Sr., whose son lived at 42 Commercial Street. Harriet F. (Weeks) Spear (1851-1940) was born here, when the house will still across the harbor. It was ferried over when Harriet was seven years old and she continued to live there well into her 80s, after completing a half century as a high school teacher. She married at the age of 70. She and her husband ran the home as Spear’s, most of whose summer tenants were teachers. This was the property of the Rev. Joseph H. Weeks (1844-1926) at the turn of the 20th century, when it was denominated 14 Commercial Street. Rhoda (Perlstein) Rossmoore (1925-2015), a patron of the arts, bought the property in 1974 from Grace A. Campbell. She later co-owned the house with her husband, William Rossmoore (1918-2010), a prominent civil rights lawyer.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

Lauren Richmond wrote on 15 November 2009: This house was owned by Robert and Grace Campbell in, probably, the ’50s and ’60s. Robert Campbell was partners with Donald Witherstine and together they ran Shore Studios in Boston and Provincetown. The P’town gallery was in a cottage at the rear of 47 Commercial Street, where the Witherstines lived. After the Campbells sold 43 Commercial, I believe Rhoda and Will Rossmore bought the home. I think Don Butterfield bought it from them. Rhoda and Will now live at 25 Commercial Street.

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