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As late as 1957, this property included not only the main house on Commercial Street but a freestanding garage in back, and a boat house in back of the garage. The house cuts a distinctive profile with its side ell parallel to Commercial Street — meaning it’s not really an “L” at all. It was conveyed in 1920 by the Ghen family to Flora M. Hurlbert of Everett. The property passed to her husband, Charles J. Hurlbert. The couple was evidently childless, so that upon Charles’s death in 1940, the property came into the hands of their nephew, William A. Hurlbert (1888-1954), who was the husband of Ida Ruth (Cox) Hurlbert. Their daughter was Ruth Munro Hurlbert (1915-2004).

In 1957, three years after William Hurlbert died, Ida and Ruth sold the parcel with the main house — but not the boat house and garage — to Thomas E. and Mada E. Doheny. The Dohenys owned 65 Commercial until 1971. Four intermediate owners followed, until the house was acquired in 1990 by E. John Fahimian of Milton Village, through O.M.B. Realty Trust. He has owned it since. O.M.B. also owns 131 Commercial Street and 9 Soper Street.

For a view of Bow House, please see 65A Commercial Street.

For a view of the boat house, please see 65B Commercial Street.

For a view of the garage, please see 65B Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 7 January 2019.

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