2020 Commercial 064 Malicoat


Conrad Malicoat (1936-2014), who lived at 320R Bradford Street, turned fireplaces into artworks — at the Red Inn, 15 Commercial Street; 36 Commercial Street; the Red House, 438 Commercial Street; 621 Commercial Street; 641 Commercial Street; 649 Commercial Street; Napi’s Restaurant, 7 Freeman Street; 38 Nelson Avenue; and 8 Pearl Street. Here, he executed an utterly delightful brick chimney with a relief of a breaching whale. What’s especially significant is that the whale is on the outside, completely visible to passersby on Atwood Avenue. In other words, it’s a public artwork. Malicoat was also responsible for the Gaudíesque millwork in the kitchen of 64 Commercial Street, which Kate Clinton and Urvashi Vaid preserved during their renovation of the house.

For a view of the main house, please see 64 Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 3 July 2018.


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