Delft Haven office.

On the strength of nothing more than a hunch, I believe the structure that used to occupy about half of the parking lot in front of Cottage 3 — pictured in an early promotional brochure — served as the rental and leasing office for the Delft Haven cottage colony. It certainly looks like the snug little building in which you might be scolded by a harried desk clerk for arriving late, or invited to have a Coca-Cola from the big red cooler tub with built-in bottle opener. It had a little tetrastyle entrance portico and evidently sported a large codfish-shaped weather vane; a nice landmark for westbound motorists wondering whether they would run of town before they arrived at Delft Haven. I don’t know yet when it was demolished, though it is not shown on the 1977 condominium plan.

A photo from an early promotional brochure, in the collection of Stephen Borkowski, shows what I believe was the rental and leasing office for the cottage colony, standing in the parking lot between Cottage 3 and Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 11 September 2020.

7 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

Also at 7 Commercial Street:

Delft Haven II Condominium overview

Delft Haven II Condominium (Unit 1)

Delft Haven II Condominium (Unit 2)

Delft Haven II Condominium (Unit 3)

Delft Haven II Condominium (Unit 4)

Delft Haven II Condominium (Unit 5)

Delft Haven II Condominium (Unit 6)

Delft Haven II Condominium (Unit 7 and 8)

Delft Haven II Condominium (Unit 17)

Thumbnail image: Delft Haven promotional brochure in the collection of Stephen Borkowski.

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