2020 Commercial 072B GreenhouseGreenhouse.

Though this looks like the kind of building in which one might expect to rendezvous with Lord or Lady Grantham, it is actually a product of the 21st century. According to town records, the greenhouse was constructed in 2002 by Robert E. McCamant and John W. “Jack” Croucher, who live at 72 Commercial Street. They owned this property along Ericsson Avenue until 2018, when it was purchased by Steven M. Ballerini and his husband, Colin K. Bohrer, of San Francisco. There aren’t many greenhouses in town, outside of the one at 1 Duncan Lane in which Charles A. “Stormy” Mayo III tends his extraordinary collection of dahlias. But it’s not nearly as extravagant as this lacy structure.

The greenhouse in its verdant Ericsson Avenue setting. David W. Dunlap (2016).

David W. Dunlap (2011).

¶ Last updated on 11 January 2019.

72B Commercial Street on the Town Map.

Also at 72B Commercial Street:

Main house

Thumbnail image, 2016, by David W. Dunlap.

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