2020 Commercial 077A


77A Commercial Street | Sandbar Club Condominium (Unit 2).

The former boat house on the wharf belonging to Capt. Joshua Stickney Nickerson (1842-1927) has long been in residential use. It was once under joint ownership with 77 Commercial Street, and continues to be associated with 79 Commercial Street in a condominium regime established in 2006 by Ann N. Maguire. According to a real-estate listing retrieved in 2018, when the condo was being offered for sale at $1.225 million, the structure has been “completely rebuilt from the piers to the rooftop.” It is owned by Cynthia Newberry Martin of Columbus, Ga., through Wharf House LLC. A large American flag is typically draped on the facade facing Commercial Street, but it was replaced in 2016 by a flag bearing the logo of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

For a view of the former Studio 77, please see 77 Commercial Street.

For a view of Joshua Nickerson’s Wharf, please see 77A Commercial Street.

For a view of the former Studio 79, please see 77A-79 Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 21 July 2018.


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