2020 Commercial 077A Nickerson Wharf LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Highlighted


77A Commercial Street.

The 19th-century wharf belonging to Capt. Joshua Stickney Nickerson (1842-1927) was not particularly consequential; only about 100 feet long and hemmed in by wharves on either side. But it endures as the precursor of the pier behind 77A Commercial Street, so it can be said to have survived — to some degree — while the great wharves all but disappeared. The current pier was reconstructed in 2017/2018 by Land & Sea Engineering of Avon, Ct., for Cynthia Newberry Martin, owner of No. 77A. One of the recognizable features in the 1889 street map shown here, which highlights Joshua Nickerson’s Wharf, is the Octagon House, in the upper right corner.

For a view of the former Studio 77, please see 77 Commercial Street.

For a view of the former boat house, please see 77A-79 Commercial Street.

For a view of the former Studio 79, please see 77A-79 Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 21 July 2018. ¶ Image from Sanborn Fire Insurance Map From Provincetown, Barnstable County, Massachusetts (1889), courtesy of the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division. Digital ID No. g3764pm.g038261889.

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