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Augustino Patricio (1851-1923) was born in the Azores. He Anglicized his name to Augustine Patrick after immigrating to America. Once in Provincetown, in about 1886, Patrick bought a three-quarter Cape-style house that stood down near the harbor beach, east of Cottage Street. It may have been built as early as the 1820s, and almost certainly no later than the 1850s. He moved it up to Carnes Lane, according to the survey form completed in 1976 by John D. Bell for the Massachusetts Historical Commission. (That’s also the source for this unfortunately poor quality photo of an old photocopy of a snapshot.) Patrick married Mary Bent (1868-1941). Their children included Joseph Patrick (b ±1902), a taxi driver; Mary E. Patrick Nascimento (1904-1987), whose husband was Joaquin Nascimento (b ±1898), a fisherman; and Theodora “Dora” Patrick Martin (1906-1986), whose husband was Joseph Rose Martin (1912-1969), a fisherman. Joseph, Mary, and Theodora turned the property over¹ in 1985 to Thomas F. Patrick (b ±1938).

In 2007, Thomas J. Patrick of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., sold the property² for $470,000 to Yuriy Litvinov (b 1982) and Pavel Fiodarau. Litvinov says on his website that he was born in the Soviet Union, was exposed to radioactivity from the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in 1986, moved at age 7 with his family to Germany, returned to Russia when he was 14, and learned at 21 that he had cancer. He moved to the United States and settled in Provincetown around 2003. Together with Fiodarau and the local real-estate operator Victor DePoalo (the Victor of Victor’s restaurant, 175 Bradford Street Extension), Litvinov developed the 9 Carnes Lane site. First, they had to raze the Martin-Patrick homestead. The Historic District Commission allowed them to do so at its meeting of 2 April 2008, as the building was not in the district, though it certainly was historical.

¶ Last updated on 3 May 2017. ¶ Image from Provincetown’s West End. (Massachusetts Historical Commission Inventory, 1973-1977, Form No. 31P.)

¹ Martin et alia to Patrick, 4 March 1985, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 4436, Page 117.

² Patrick to Litvinov et alia, 22 October 2007, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 22417, Page 339.


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