2020 Commercial 098 DxO


Binwood Condominium (Unit 1).

The designers Kristin E. Hein and her husband, Philip C. Cozzi, a nephew of Ciriaco “Ciro” Cozzi (1921-2013), acquired the first-floor front unit at 98 Commercial in 2009. Everywhere else in town, renovations seemed to involve airy, pale, matte interiors. Hein + Cozzi took a completely different tack: glossy dark green predominated. Their work was featured in House Beautiful in 2012. Two years later, they sold this unit as they turned their attention to the Old Homestead Provincetown at 508 Commercial Street.

For an overview, please see 98 Commercial Street.

For a view of Unit 5, the garage, please see 98 Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 27 August 1918.



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