CCNS-RP Station II Tower.jpg

(Circa 1937)

Race Point Coast Guard Station Watch Tower.

A 36-foot-tall steel watch tower was constructed near the main Coast Guard station house in 1932. It was based on a design by Julian Latham, chief engineer of the Coast Guard. The watch house was 64 square feet. “The location for the new tower is considered a great improvement over the old one,” The Advocate said on 31 March 1932. “The latter was placed behind the new station and set in a hollow. The new lookout is built upon a hill and commands a fine sweeping view of the bay.” Presumably, its demolition coincided roughly with the addition of the monitor-roof lookout to the main station house around 1960.

¶ Last update on 22 April 2017. ¶ Image from the author’s collection.

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