2020 Commercial 167 BEKS Unit 3David Marshall Datz P.C. | BEKS Condominium (Unit 3).

This is the clock tower overlooking the little town square, though you’ll have to overlook the fact that there are no clock faces on it. There is also a small wraparound veranda leading from the square. The unit was purchased from the BEKS Limited Partnership in 1997 for $150,000 by Alix L. L. Ritchie, the publisher who had founded the Provincetown Banner two years earlier in the abutting Unit 2. During its years in service to the newspaper, Unit 3 housed the advertising department on the ground floor and the art department on the second floor. They were connected to Unit 2 through doorways in the party wall at both levels. When Ritchie sold the newspaper to GateHouse Media in 2008, she transferred title here to Cohorts Inc., the corporate successor to The Provincetown Banner Inc. With the change in name came a change in business — from newspaper publication to real-estate ownership — and a change in cast. Leslie A. Brock succeeded Ritchie as president. The new directors were Sue Harrison, a Banner editor and reporter who shared a home with Brock on Holway Avenue; and Sally A. Rose, the editor of The Banner, and Joan A. Lenane, who shared a home on Center Street.

David M. Datz, a Boston attorney, purchased Unit 3 from Cohorts in January 2013 for $450,000. Five months later, David Marshall Datz P.C. moved its Provincetown operation here, from 1 Winthrop Street. (The Boston office is at 530 Tremont Street.) The space at 167 Commercial has three offices and two conference rooms.

Datz was born in Providence. He received a bachelor’s degree at Bryant University in Smithfield, R.I., and his law degree from New England Law | Boston. His practice specializes in real estate and estate planning.

2020 Commercial 167 BEKS Unit 3Unit 3 at night in 2019, by David W. Dunlap.

2020 Commercial 167 BEKS Unit 3

2020 Commercial 167 BEKS Unit 3News item about the move to 167 Commercial Street on the David Marshall Datz website.

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167 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

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Thumbnail image: Photo, 2011, by David W. Dunlap.

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