2020 Commercial 167 BEKS Unit 5BEKS Condominium (Unit 5).

Somewhat nondescript in the facade it presents to the town square, Unit 5 is by far the most conspicuous element of the BEKS Condominium from the waterside. Three steep gables create a stripped-down neo-Gothic silhouette. One can only imagine the views from within. A couple from Santa Fe bought the unit from the BEKS Limited Partnership in 1996 for $255,000, and sold it four years later, for $500,000, to a buyer from Dallas. He sold it six months later for $590,000 to Alix L. L. Ritchie, the founding publisher of The Provincetown Banner, giving her control of three units in the condo. Ritchie sold this unit for $900,000 in mid-2002 to a couple from Stony Point, N.Y. (She would soon thereafter buy Unit 4 next door.)  They sold it in 2007, for $1,325,000 to a Chicago couple, who sold it in turn five years later to another Chicago couple, for $930,000.

2020 Commercial 167 BEKS Unit 5Unit 5, with three gables, is at the center of this 2010 photo by David W. Dunlap.

2020 Commercial 167 BEKS Unit 5Halloween, 2018. Dunlap.

2020 Commercial 167 BEKS Unit 5

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167 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

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Thumbnail image: Photo, 2018, by David W. Dunlap.

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